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BBC TV DVDs coming.

Peter Briggs
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Invid Fan <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> > That's a very odd question.

> Not really, as I was just wondering how the BBC's partners would feel
> if they were putting shows on the net that NOVA and other programs had
> paid money for. "Yes, I know you own half, but we're going to give it
> away. Hope you weren't planning on making any money from your
> investment"

Oh, I absolutely agree with you. It's such a harebrained scheme, I
can't see it being feasible. Not the least problem of which is:
residuals for everyone involved. The Unions will go nuts.
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You are quite right of course about the shows being cut down to allow for
commercials. Actually these shows have the same thing done to them here in
the UK when they are sold to satellite tv and you often find that favourite
scenes are hacked out to make way for the drivel that passes for

"arthur wouk" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> when we get bbc dvds, they will of course be set for ntsc tvs. what
> other changes over that are to be made for the american audiences?
> i ask because bbc-america hacks british shows to fit an american
> schedule, and censors material. tipping the velvet is an example. each
> episode in britain ran for 1 hour without commercials. the bbc-aerica
> version had each episode running 1 hour including commercials.
> something on the order of 20% of the material was cut. (i checked this
> out on the appropriate uk newsgroups and used imdb's data base to get
> the uk timings. someone who had seen both versions said the sex plus
> some other stuff was cut.)
> i would guess that many 1-hour shows on bbc-america have been cut down
> similarly.
> there are two options - one can get a dvd-payer which has multi-region
> capabilites and order the dvds from amazon-uk or take what is
> released here. i would like to know which direction to pursue.
> --
> a wise person once said "what good is a smart bomb if you have a dumb
> president?" - aaron mcgruder
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