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Re: "Free" 'Two Towers' at Blockbusters

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Date: Sat, Aug 16, 2003 10:09 AM
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"Invid Fan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> I haven't seen anyone mention it here yet, but Blockbusters is running
> a promotion similar to the one they had for 'Fellowship of the Ring'
> and 'Spiderman'. Buy a 7 week rental card (one rental a week) for the
> slightly inflated price of $30 and get the Two Towers free. If like me
> you were thinking of just getting the extended version, this is a good
> way to get both cheaply, especially since there's probably a coupon for
> the other version with the first disk. There were some new Hong Kong
> films at Blockbusters I was going to rent anyways, this works out well
> --
> Chris Mack "Refugee, total ****. That's how I've always seen us.
> 'Invid Fan' Not a help, you'll admit, to agreement between us."
> -'Deal/No Deal', CHESS

Why bother, Blockbuster will only likely have full screen versions of the
disc anyway. No, this time I will wait for the expanded box set version.

Well, they have a different spin on the offer in Houston. Buy THE DVD and then
get 7 free rentals. Also, on prior deals like this, I was always asked if I
wanted the Wide screen or full (hah) screen version.
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