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Re: Top 5 Horror Flicks

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On Thu, 07 Aug 2003 23:59:48 GMT, "Lookingglass"
<(E-Mail Removed)> Gave us:

>... perhaps the fact that an alien and a saucer are in the film...!?!

Were the "saucer" a major portion of the film, I would agree, but
since it makes a quick entrance merely to establish the origin of the
beast, I hardly think that rends the entire film into the genre of sci
fi. Doh! Where is the science? It is fiction. It is horror, but it
is hardly about science, fiction or otherwise.

Star Trek is sci fi as they consider capabilities that are not
available to us.

The series "Farscape" is widely considered as "Space
Fiction/adventure" because it uses nearly no science and does not
dwell on those aspects of futuristic or far away space venture
capabilities of the story members. nIt hardly rates as sci fi except
that if space is involved, certain retards automatically call it sci
fi, because we do not yet venture into space with such ease.

So... tell me again... where was the SCIENCE part of the fiction.
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