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Re: Chicago DVD Review @ GENRE ONLINE.NET!

Scot Gardner
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"Brockhurst Pertwee" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...

<<My goodness, forget your use of the English language, but can't you
throw in a period or a comma every now and then? And do you just not
care enough to actually proof what you write? After all, you are
putting it up for public consumption. For example: "The disc streets on
April 19, 2003." Really. All this time I could have had it and didn't
even know.>>

Mark A. Rivera - Writer/Reviewer/Editor/Webmaster - is in direct
competition with Classics on DVD, written by Fred Hunter. Classics on
DVD is one of my favorite DVD review sites and I have made several DVD
buying decisions based on the information found in the reviews there.

Of course, Mark deserves an honorable mention for this 97-word sentence:

"Though there have been attempts to revive the big screen musical here
and there, none of them really captured the imagination of feature film
critics and audiences alike until "Moulin Rouge" took a variety of pop
songs and adapted them into a piece of eye candy that introduced a new
generation of young movie goers to the filmed live action big screen
musical, but although "Moulin Rouge" may have opened the door a bit in
terms of resurrecting the musical film genre, it never achieved the
success of last year's Academy AwardŽ winning musical feature film
"Chicago." "

But the award still goes to Fred Hunter for this 104-word,
super-sentence masterpiece from his review of _Blame it on Rio_:

"It's also hard to imagine such a mawkish excuse for a movie having a
pedigree like this: directed by the great Stanley Donen, who should've
known better, and with a script by the usually reliable Larry Gelbart,
the film is leering at best and unbelievable at worst: the idea that the
sex-kitten Jennifer, surrounded by young, gorgeous, swarthy South
American males, would be longing for sex with Michael Caine is beyond
the bounds of credibility; and the idea that he would give in and have
sex with his best friend's daughter is a take on suburban sensibilities
that I certainly hope to never revisit."

Fred Hunter's unique and creative writing style has been of particular
interest to a few of us on this newsgroup. While some favor his
inanities and others his malaprops, I prefer his extra long sentences.
Some of his sentences contain over 100 words and it is a challenge to
keep focused on what is being said. Once a sentence reaches 100 words or
more, things like subjects, verbs and direct objects become meaningless.
Yet, somehow you can still understand what is being said.

Look around a bit and you will discover some real treasures, such as
this one from _The Seven Year Itch_:

"The film include what is probably the singularly most famous image of
Monroe's all too short career, where his dress is blown upward by the
wind from the subway."

Marilyn Monroe was really a man. You heard it here first.

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