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Re: Pioneer DVR-105 and Nero Problems

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"Andy K" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:bgrvoh$fv7$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I have a Pioneer DVR-105 DVD writer, firmware version 1.30 and Nero

> ROM Enterprise Edition version
> However, since I first got the dvd writer I have had nothing but problems
> with it, when trying to write a dvd-r or a dvd-rw.
> First whilst attempting to write to a dvd-r Nero stopped and stated that
> there was a 'SCSI Target Error'. I seemed to have solved this problem by
> only inserting the blanc media when Nero asked for it.
> Amongst others I am now creating many coasters with a different error
> message, 'Reset Occurred'. Which totally ruins the dvd.
> I am unsure as to what the problem is with. Is it the Pioneer DVR-105

> itself, the firmware version of the drive, the Nero software or something
> entirely different?
> Would updating the firmware version on my drive to 1.33 resolve the

> I know that the media isn't the issue as I have previously used it with no
> problems whatsoever. I have also used Nero version and Nero 6
> ultra edition and experienced the same problems.
> I am a little confused as a friend of mine has almost exactly the same

> computer and identical Pioneer dvd writer and firmware version as I do,

> has had absolutely no problems with his at all.
> Has anyone else had the same or similar problems with the same Pioneer dvd
> writer? Alternatively, has anyone updated their firmware and found that

> has resolved any issue or made any worse? Does anyone know what the
> firmware update to 1.33 actually improves?
> Any ideas, or better still solutions, would be much appreciated.
> Andy
> PS. Sorry for all the questions, but I really am a lose end.

Have you tried Nero 6 ? It`s supposed to be much better and compatible with
more dvd writers.

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