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vs2005 - How to fill form using TableAdapter FillBy

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I have added a query to my TableAdapter that accepts a parameter (The
ID) to filter the data. It will return only one record. I tested it in
the designer and it returns one record as expected.

However I cannot get it to populate a form of databound controls. What
could I be doing wrong? The controls were dragged onto the form surface
which then made the dataset, tableAdapter and bindingSource in the
forms component tray.

Here is the code in the from_load event
Me.Table1TableAdapter1.FillBy(Me.DataSet11.table1, 2)

Here is the stored procedure
CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.usp_Table1_GetById
@pkId int
SELECT pkId, Name, Address
FROM Table1
WHERE (pkId = @pkId)

(I *can* get a form with a datagridview to return the single record
with the code above)

What am I missing?

Thank you,

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