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Re: Gigli: From Theater to DVD Record?

Scot Gardner
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"H E Pennypacker" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...

>Everybody knew that _Gigli_ would be a bad movie, but who would have
>guessed that it would be excruciatingly-awful? The reviews for _Gigli_
>are currently 98% bad. This movie could set the speed record for the
>quickest theatrical release window of all time and end up on DVD within
>a few weeks.

<<And coming round the bend is the gruesome twosomes next flick directed
by the infantile director Kevin Smith, Jersey Girl.>>

<<Its seems that God also works in very straight forward ways

JLo and Ben are finally getting some privacy as their new flick plays to
empty theaters.

These two "stars" thought they could do anything -- no matter how
awful -- and still be great. Miramax has already pushed back the release
of _Jersey Girl_ to next year, so that, hopefully, the stench of _Gigli_
won't further contaminate it. If the character names in _Jersey Girl_
are any indication (Ben Affleck as Ollie Trinke and Jennifer Lopez as
Gertrude Steiney), this flick may also have some serious problems.

I'm still fascinated by Lee's Movie Info site. Here is a comparison of
the hit movie _Seabiscuit_ with the turd, _Gigli_. Even though _Gigli_
was playing at 228 more theaters than _Seabiscuit_, its opening weekend
take was $17 Million less. _Seabiscuit_ took in 5 1/2 times more money
than _Gigli_.

Anyone who wants to see _Gigli_ before it comes out on DVD had better
hurry, because in a couple of weeks, this piece of **** will be pulled
from theatrical release.


Date (days) Rank Gross* Theaters Avg. Total*

Aug 3 2003 (3) 8 $0.970 -28% 2215 $438 $3.800
Aug 2 2003 (2) 8 $1.349 -9% 2215 $609 $2.831
Aug 1 2003 (1) 7 $1.482 2215 $669 $1.482


Date (days) Rank Gross* Theaters Avg. Total*

Jul 27 2003 (3) 4 $6.545 -17% 1987 $3294 $20.855
Jul 26 2003 (2) 4 $7.925 24% 1987 $3988 $14.310
Jul 25 2003 (1) 5 $6.385 1987 $3213 $6.385

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