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Seeking the wise wisdom of a select few. . .

I've a bit of a problem, I have an old VHS tape that I copied to my HDD and
would like to burn it to my DVD writer.

I plugged the Video RCA output, of my Stereo Video Recorder, into MYVIVO of
my Ti4200 GFX Card and have run the sound output, from the VCR, into the
line-in of my computer.

I've used WinFast PVR to capture the video to the HDD as *.mpeg format. All
looks and play really well. Now I want to burn the file off, into DVD

I don't want to burn them into VCR format, as I've just bought me a DVD
Writer. Before you ask, it can do +R, -R, +RW and -RW, but would prefer to
burn them onto -R media disc's, so the rest of my family can watch it on
their standard DVD players.

The Video I've copied to my HDD contains footage of some members of my
family who have passed away and would like the rest of my family to see it.

Now, the problem is getting the *.mpeg's converted over to *.vob format.
What do people recommend, that I should use to do this ?

I've tried Ulead Video Studio 6 and it said something like 'Failed to
encode. . .' I have also tried Nero Vision, Nero Express, all to no avail.

Help, please ???

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Nicholas Andrade
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Have you checked, it would be a good place to start.

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