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Henri Cartier-Bresson Dies at 95-Another Great One Passes

Roland Karlsson
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Boris Harss <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in news:cf3e8e$epv$1

>> I thought, however, that he mostly used a 35mm lens on his Leica?

> I thought, it was a 50mm, but I might well be wrong. And then: For me,
> 35mm is still a "normal" lense on the wide side )

It was 50 mm that he used. There are some discussions whether he ever
used anything else. But, in any case, 50 mm was his choice. He used
it because it "saw the world the way he saw it himself". And that
was crucial, because he almost always aproached a photo without
looking through the view finder.

And personally I agree. The 50 mm is a wonderful lens, it gives neither
excessive wide angle nor excessive tele pictures. I remember in the
70-ies when the 35 mm started to become in fashion. And since then it
has not been politically correct to say that anything but the 35 mm
lens is the "normal" lens. But it isn't - the 50 mm is the normal
lens - a 35 mm is a wide angle lens.

If you don't believe that a 50 mm is a normal lens, then you can
try to explain to me why a SLR gives a 1x magnification when you
put a 50 mm lens on the camera. Hint - if a 35 mm lens gave you
1x magnification, then the picture in the view finder would be
bigger than is comfortable to look upon - it would be "wide". i.e.
the 35 m lens is a wide angle lens.

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