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Any memory leak issues with FF 1.5?

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Moz Champion (Dan)
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Bruce wrote:

Any memory leak issues with FF 1.5?

Please, if you will, put the question in the body of the message, thanks.
None that I am aware of
Bug 311130 (unconfirmed) has been reported as fixed AND still broken on 1.5
purported memory leak loosely associatted with Javascript
Bug 314411 (unconfirmed) has not been reported on with 1.5 as of yet
purported memory leak loosely associatted with number of pages or tabs open
Bug 313775 (unconfirmed) has been reported as fixed with 1.5
purported memory leak loosely associatted with use of dictionary com

The problem is that many of the purported 'memory leak' bugs simply cant
be recreated by others on a reliable basis. Its difficult to 'fix' what
you cant see <g>
There are literally dozens of bugs on memory usage in Bugzilla, some are
relevent to 0.9.2 while others claim they exist on 1.8 ! Some appear
'fixed' by use of a new profile, others by a re-installation, others
just seem to disappear (or no new comments anyway) on their own. While
there is no denying that there is something amiss somewhere in the
Mozilla package when it comes to memory (and leaks), the fact that it
appears almost random in whom it affects and whom it doesnt makes it
exceedingly difficult to figure out just what is the problem.
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