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WTD: LCD for digital camera (olympus)

Steve Gontarek
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Apologies for x-post, but not sure where I might get the best response

I'm in need of LCD TFT 3.8cm module for a Olympus C-220 digital
camera. I stupidly sat on the camera and a protrudence on the bench I
was sitting on (a nail head) went and smashed the LCD.

I either need another knackered C-220 (with a complete looking LCD) or
a supplier of such LCD modules (new or used) - preferable in the UK or
Europe. I'm obviously trying to do this on the cheap, cos the nearest
quote I've had from a repair shop is ukp120 (200US) and I can buy a
new camera for about ukp90 ! It would seem a waste to chuck the camera
out - it does actually still work - takes pictures fine etc, but I
have to plug it into the TV to change the options etc - a slight

I have actually removed the broken LCD module (and the camera still
works !) and there are some numbers on it - 127ALXB 235A03E, but I
can't find any mention of them on a web search.

remove XXXs for reply Removed)

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Steve Gontarek
Posts: n/a
PS. It's a Sanyo LCD - I think related to their ALP277AXX. - as yet
I've no idea where to get one - I can't seem to find any on Electronic
component sites.

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