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Adding <br> automatically with "return" key ?

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I'm not a perl programmer but I can kind of hack my way through some
simple scripts. What I am trying to do is get it so a line break <br> is
automatically placed when I hit the return key in a text box in this

It will add the <br> automatically to the Add Story function, but not
the edit text function. I'm trying to get it to do it in the edit
function as well.

It looks like here's the bit of code that does it for the "Add Story"

if ($ueberschrift) {
$ueberschrift = "<br><b>".$ueberschrift."</b>";
$ueberschrift .= "\n";

$ueberschrift .= "<br>\n";
if ($linebreaks eq "yes") {
$text =~ s/\n/<br>\n/g;

I've tried adding that to this:

sub Bearb {

if (($filename =~ m/[^\w\.\-_]/i) or (not($filename =~ m/\.txt$/)) )
{$filename=""; $showerror='Error in Filename! Use only numbers, letters,
"_" and "-". <br> File MUST end with .txt'; &Auswahl; return;}

$title="Editing $filename";
open (WISHANDLE, "$filename");
while ($wisline = <WISHANDLE>) {
$wisvar .= $wisline;

close (WISHANDLE);
print qq!

but, since I don't know what I'm doing, it, understandably, didn't work.

Any info (i.e. something I can copy and paste) on this would be much

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Posts: n/a

> Any info (i.e. something I can copy and paste) on this would be much
> appreciated.
> Thanks

Never mind... I figured it out.
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