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Kodak DX4530 alarm bells ringing?

Ron Hunter
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Fred Bloggs wrote:

> "Dick Campbell" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<cOYdc.3480$(E-Mail Removed)>...
>>The reviewer must not have figured out how to change the JPEG

> How do you change the compression on a DX4530?
>>A low compression 5 MP JPEG is definite;y somewhere
>>betweem 2 amd 3 MB. If it really is 800K I would be very surprised.

> Exactly, but all the reviews I've read suggest that this is indeed the
> case.

Try this one
You will see that all the samples are from 1mb to 1.7mb.

>>Kodak web site does give file sizes for some reason.

> I can't see any file sizes. If you'd written `...does NOT give...` I'd
> have laughed cynically and agreed with you!
>>Now that I own a 6 MP SLR I can tell you that:-
>>1. 5 MP is plenty of resolution. If you print 6x4 or 7x5 3 MP is plenty,
>>it's only when you enlarge beyond that, that you need more.

> The OP is not saying 5MP isn't enough, just that the size of the files
> from this 5MP camera are less than half the size of other 5MP cameras.
>>2. RAW mainly helps if need to correct a bad picture or perhaps you want
>>save 16 bit TIFFs. Most of us end up with JPEGs to print out and if the
>>picture is OK in the first place RAW doesn't add anything to it.

> I want RAW format so I can take a picture, edit it then save the final
> version in JPEG, and not have to convert it (lossily) twice.
> I still might buy the DX4530, but it's definitely the compression
> that's putting me off. Given that I've seen several reviews pointing
> this out, in addition to loads of consumer reports on the net, I'm
> surprise it's not been fixed. It's only a software issue after all.

I would look at the actual pictures, and decide from that, NOT the
subjective opinion of the reviewer. After all YOU are the one who needs
to be pleased with the pictures.

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