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Re: Java vs Perl for specific tasks

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I haven't a lot of experience writing multiple threaded applications
in Perl. If multiple thread are important I haven't a clue about
how well it would stack up compared to Java. Probably not as well.

But Perl might be a way to go. Perl has a more flexible object model
than Java does. Once you get used to it it's easy to like

I've reviewed Java 1.4's regular expression capabilities. It is
a clean implementation but it doesn't approach what you can do in Perl.

The Jakarata ORO package gives you all the regular expression
stuff you get with Perl. It is also less verbose than Java 1.4.

If you develop something in Perl, then later decide to translate
it line for line into Java ORO can do that. Removed) (John Smith) wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed). com>...
> Hello,
> I have a rather odd question. My company is an all java/oracle shop.
> We do everything is Java... no matter what it is... parsing of text
> files, messaging, gui you name it. My question is this... is Perl so
> much better at parsing text files and outputing that we would see a
> substantial speed increase? We process about 10 million records in
> flat files a day for reformatting before putting them in a DB.
> Also, when it comes to Unix threading... which one would be better off
> Java or perl? Essentially, we would break the 10 million down into 10
> files... each file is done in a seperate thread... The program also
> has to keep a hashmap of keys to make sure we don;t include duplicate
> records and it must connect to oracle every once in a while... is
> switching to perl worth it considering the investment and know how we
> have in java? This is the only portion of the code we would consider
> switching to perl...
> ideas?
> Thanks,
> Joie

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