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Re: Catcher
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Bill Trenholm <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Catcher
> The catcher rides sea horses out
> dipwing tests the cold stretch
> between sandfleas, dunegrass and the deep.
> Coneworn caves peter from the pulp socket rims
> to trickles of seepwater
> feeding the ancient cushat roost.
> Father sorts out the survivors
> in the shallows, those not taken by the gull,
> and crosses the cage
> for some more altared table.
> Beneath a ragged knot of dissolved abbey trees
> a thin line, skied in its lessening sine,
> whips to a tide where bigger fish glide,
> the bait some palatable sprat or fry.
> The upwards path takes leave and,
> wearing through a snake of fern and broom,
> finds my foot a spot more lea
> than cold upon that rubble shore.
> Tractors drag and pile the pine for dead
> make refuse ancient drays and earwig bark
> spider doorways clammed shut
> more surely than the fisher keep
> spill their seeds as light as air
> a mist of multi-eyes to forest floor,
> and where the soil becomes this cemetry
> the catcher sees it move from wood to wave.
> Bill Trenholm

Based on the photographic evidence I've observed Chuck is the pitcher and Tom is
the catcher.

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