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string condition file - lookup logic
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Hello - looking for an efficient way in perl (been a while) to use a
control file to pass or fail strings submitted to a perl program.

I have a flat file allow.txt in the following format. It does not have
to be in this format, it can be in regex format - and maybe should be.

f1 -+f2 -+f3 -+f4 -+f6 ...

records in the file may look as follows (for example)

xx5 -j7 -j8 +g2 +j8
xx4 +j7
xx7 +j7 -xs2 -557

Each record may have one of more columns, where starting with the
second column the value is to be labled an "and" or a "not" (+ or -)

The + = must have this parm , the - = can't have this parm (again,
might make sense to format the file in regex)

using very simple perl program below, I'd like to bounce off the
allow.txt file and display "rejected" if arugments passed comply, and
"passed" if they do. My first inclination is to load the control file
into a table and build lookup logic - but wanted to try the listgroup

use warnings;
use strict;
my $a1 = shift @ARGV;
print $a1;

so for example

perl gg5
"passed" (because no parms on file)

perl xx7 j7 j8
"passed" (because had the j7)

perl xx7 j8
"failed" (because did not have the j7)

perl xx5 g2
"failed" (because did not have the j

perl xx5 g2 j8 j7
"failed" (because had j7)

If the solution will be easier by just formating the control file in
(regex) condition format and somehow then testing the arguments
against the file that would be ideal.

Thanks for any help or information.
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