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time-lapse webcam?

Geoff Glave
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I'm wondering if anyone can make a webcam suggestion for me? In fact,
it's more of a software request than a hardware request. I'm looking
for a USB webcam that will come with some Windows software that allows
me to shoot a time-lapse movie. Ideally I'd like the software to be
configurable to shoot a frame an hour (9 frames a day), M-F between
8am and 4pm. Over the course of a year-and-a-half that should give me
around 3500 frames, so at 16 frames-per-second I'll wind up with a 3.5
minute movie.

Alternately, I could have the camera shoot 9 date and time stamped
sortable .jpgs a day, but then I'd need some software to stitch the
3500 jpegs into a movie.

Any suggestions for products?

Geoff Glave
Vancouver, Canada

PS Please reply to group - Email address is spamtrap.
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