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FileHandles to string

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Hi all,
I am having trouble opening a file and displaying its contents. I have
built into the code test strings and tried to display them, and all
have no output (i am assuming that is because they are all
null-pointers), and the code is part of a cgi.
Any help would be appreciated, the code is below, and the lines
commented out are the ones crashing!

open(File, "> /someWhere/My.txt") || die $errorString="can't
@ThreadPairs = <File>;
foreach $items(@ThreadPairs){
if($fields{Thread} == 2){ $tempTest="yes"}
$finalCount = "1" + $fields{Thread};
for($PosCount = 1; $PosCount < $finalCount; $PosCount++){
$tempThreadPos = "Thread"."$PosCount";
$tempThreadName = $fields{$tempThreadPos};

thanks All
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