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Win32::Perm Usage for special permissions

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Hello all.

On a file or folder object in Windows 2000/2003, it is possible to
edit the standard Change, RW etc permissions and give "special"
permissions. These special permissions do things like allow/deny
"Create Folders/Append Data" and such.

What I am looking to do is use a script that I have that walks a
directory to set permissions on a specific subfolder that is found 4-6
levels deep (depending on where it is located) for one group where
they will have access to read and modify files but not create a
subdirectory. According to a Microsoft KB article, this requires
setting the permission on each folder individually. Since there are
over 5000 folders, I'd like to do it programmatically.

What I don't know, though, is can Win32:erm (or any other module,
for that matter) set the granular permissions that 2000/2003 offer. I
want to remove the "Create Folders/Append Data" right on these
folders, but leave read ad write access, as per this KB article.

So, is it possible, and if so, any ideas on what the function would

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you.

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Your best resource for this is the Win32 Perl Programming: The
Standard Extensions, 2nd edition, available from Roth Consulting
( It is also available on safari.

This is a complex subject but I finally understood enough of it to add
a component to my web CMS to set folder and file permissions at any
level, singly or recursively. The result is end users can restrict
access to web pages or individual documents on a remote file system,
requiring members to authenticate via NTLM.

Best regards
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