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Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0240'

Script Engine Exception


A ScriptEngine threw exception 'C0000005' in
'IActiveScript::SetScriptState()' from

The above error is returned when i run perl scripts in my asp page.
I have perl scripts to create png images. have installed the DateManip
and GD module manually. version details are given below. The machine
is Windows 2003 server and IIS 6.0
Can some one help me with this.
Name: GD
Version: 1.27.2
Author: Lincoln D. Stein ((E-Mail Removed))
Title: GD
Abstract: Interface to Gd Graphics Library
Location: ActiveState Package Repository
Available Platforms:
1. i686-linux-thread-multi
2. MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
Name: DateManip
Version: 5.42a
Author: Sullivan Beck ((E-Mail Removed))
Title: DateManip
Abstract: Routines for parsing/manipulating dates and time.
Location: ActiveState PPM2 Repository
Available Platforms:
1. MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-5.8

help is urgently required.
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