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REGEX: capturing on optional groups which fail

Charles Shannon Hendrix
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I have been writing some code to parse log files, and I used regular
expressions to build arrays of fields. Those arrays were inserted
verbatim into an SQL insert command.

I assing the results of the regex to an array, like this:

@array = $line =~ /$rex_extract/x;

Then I found that some lines had a variable ending. There were three
possible endings:

"N" warnings
"N" errors
"N" errors, error code = "N"

At the same time, I want a regex failure on lines like this:

"N" warnings, "N" errors
"N" warnings, "N" errors, error code = "N"
"N" errors, "N" warnings
"N" errors, "N" warnings, error code = "N"

I found the following regex works and keeps my array in order so I don't
have to do ugly array parsing later:

<expressions for first N non-variable fields snipped>
"([0-9]+)" # number of...
warnings # warnings
"([0-9]+)" # number of...
errors # errors
(?: # error code
\s*$' # end of line


Do captures in failing non-capturing expressions always generate an
empty array position? I want to make sure I'm not depending on an
unreliable side effect.

The reason I like this is that it preserves the order in my array, so I
don't have to parse it to see which line ending was found.

I'm interested in seeing better ways of doing this.

I would also like a pointer to where this behavior is documented. I've
not been able to find an explicit mention.

shannon "AT" -- [governorrhea: a contagious disease that
spreads from the governor of a state downward through other offices and his
corporate sponsors]
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