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Canon A60 controversial timings

Rado bladteth Rzeznicki
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When I visited, I was puzzled by
huge differences in timings between A60 and A70, both having the same
lenses and Digic processor. I have grabbed my stopwatch and measured
my A60 timings. Here are the results.

Turning on/off:

Off -> capture mode - 2.85 s (*)
Off -> review mode - 1.45 s (*)
Capture mode (wide) -> off - 1.9 s
Capture mode (tele) -> off - 3.05 s
Review mode -> off - 0.45 s

(*) 0.6 s on/off button delay included.

Review mode -> capture mode - 1.65 s
Review mode -> 10x magnification - 0.8 s
Review -> 3x3 thumbnails - 0.8 s


Wide -> tele - 1.5 s
Tele -> wide - 1.65 s

Shutter lag:

From halfpressed (prefocussed) - 0.05 s
Wide - 0.85 s
Wide, macro mode - 1.05 s
Tele - 1.3 s
Tele, macro mode - 1.5 s

Turning AiAF off shortens the delay by about 0.05 s.

Continous mode:

Between first and second frame - 0.6 s
Between frames after second - 0.4 s (2.5 fps)
Between frames when memory buffer is full - 0.9/1.2 s

It is worth nentioning that size and compression settings do not change
above values. Buffer size is 3 MB, so one can calculate the number of
frames after which it becomes full. On average, the camera slows down
after 6 Large/Fine, 11 Medium/Fine or 40 Small/Normal frames.

As you can see, my measurements differ substantially from those on
Dave's website and are very close to A70 timings. I suppose he got
either prototype model or not fully functional A60 for testing.

Best regards,
Rado bladteth Rzeznicki
(E-Mail Removed)
MCM #252
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