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PanasonicBQ390 "quick" charger - How quick?

Ol' Bab
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Infuriating damn marketing, package has not a single spec, just "quick".
Also, no assurance that it will charge a variety of cell capacities.

Price is right, $20 includes some cells. NiMH. Cicuit City.

Anybody know something about it?

Ol' Bab

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Dave Martindale
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"Ol' Bab" <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>Infuriating damn marketing, package has not a single spec, just "quick".
>Also, no assurance that it will charge a variety of cell capacities.

It is a charger with electronic monitoring to shut off when the cell
reaches full charge. Apparently, each cell is monitored individually (4
separate circuits). Charge rate is 550 mA, so it will take 4 hours for
the highest capacity cells if they're discharged fully. It will also
charge up to 2 AAA cells, unlike some other AA-only models.

It makes a good travel charger, since it operates from 100-240 V. It
has a built-in 2-prong plug that folds out of the way. It's small and
light. It seems to work well.

My only complaint is that there is just one LED that tells you when all
of the cells are done charging, rather than individual indicators for
each cell. If you're charging one complete set of 2 or 4 cells, they
will all finish at the same time anyway. But the individual monitoring
means that you can safely charge any mixture of cell capacity and charge
states - yet you can't tell when each cell is done!

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