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Making remote procedure calls

Markus Kemp
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Hi all,

I'm trying to make a remote procedure call in Perl. The first problem
I've run into is which module to use. So I went googling and found a
whole bunch of modules that support RPC's, but many seem very alpha
and I'd like to know if there's some generally preferred module that
is more matured than most others or if it's just a matter of personal
preference (and maybe trial and error?).
Secondly, I'm confused over what is needed to imlement an RPC-client
(i.e. the host making the remote procedure call). I was initially
assuming (and hoping) that I could just make the call without having
to worry about how the server side is implemented. Like if I want to
make an RPC to a method on a say Windows XP machine, I'd just let
rpcss (Window's RPC service) handle the server stuff. But having read
those modules' README's I'm not so sure anymore if that's the case.
One of the README's seemed to imply that I have to set up the RPC
server myself:

>>> To call an RPC server, use Frontier::Client [...]

To create an XML-RPC server, use Frontier:aemon. <<<

It's the last line that has confused me. __Create__ an RPC server?? I
thought the RPC server was already there on every friggin net-capable
Windows machine??
Anyway, so does that mean that Perl's RPC has really nothing to do
with the Windows RPC service? Or does 'creating' the RPC server really
mean registering the methods I wanna call from a remote machine (I
suppose the RPC daemon needs to be informed about those methods
somewhow, right?)?

Right, I realize this is not a proper question but if anyone could
shed some light on this for me I'd greatly appreciate that. =\ I don't
want the code. If you could just outline the general concept to me
that would be really cool.


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Mothra wrote:


Sorry - I meant to add that RPC::Simple is probably what you need to use.
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