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I don't want a DSLR

Tony Whitaker
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 <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed):
> What exactly
> about a DSLR makes it superior? ... Is it the sensor? If so, why can't
> I get on a non SLR?

Bingo. The sensors in the DSLRs are better. They have very little noise up
to ISO 400 film speed, and they say you can even get decent photos at ISO

They're only in SLRs at the moment because they've only recently come down
to an affordable price, and, let's face it - the pro cameras get the best,
most expensive features first. And it sounds like Canon is selling these
sensors as fast as they can make the SLRs they go in.

Two disadvantages are that they can't take movies, and they can't show you
a live image on an LCD.

Maybe in the future, Canon could replace the pentaprism in the SLR (well -
it's mirrors in the Rebel) with a CCD that could be used to take movies and
provide a live display. For pictures, the mirror would flip up and the
image would record to the CMOS sensor for highest quality still pictures.

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Not true for Fuji. Thier CCD's use a coupling technology that allows the
chip to be read very quickly. My S602 is very fast, virtually no shutter
lag, very fast shot to shot time, fast in continuous shooting (up to 5 fps)
and one of VERY few still cameras that can take movies at full VGA (640x480)
AND do so at 30 frames per second, with audio. Funny that when Fuji
incorporates advanced iamge data handling built into the Super CCD, nobody
acknowledges the benefits. But let Canon announce it's Digic! chip, which
also enhances data handling (but separate from the CCD), and it's hailed as
the greatest advance ever! Oh well.......I know what I have......and I am
very satisfied. I have retired my Canon 35mm film camera and my darkrom!


"Jeremy Nixon" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> > Who says it has to be an SLR? How about a Digital Rebel-like camera,
> > with a fixed lens like the C2100 has. I'm talking all the features, etc
> > of the Rebel, with it's low noise sensor and speed. OK by me if the
> > viewfinder is an EVF. I don't even need manual focus or zoom. Just
> > mimic the kind of focus system an SLR has so it is faster and more
> > accurate than the run of the mill consumer cam. Also, whatever makes
> > the DSLR so fast for shutter lag, add that in to the camera. If it's
> > manual focus that makes a DSLR fast, then I'll take the hit using auto,
> > as long as the focus system is as fast as a DSLR automatic mode.

> It's primarily the lack of an electronic viewfinder that makes a DSLR able
> to be so much faster. The sensor only needs to handle the exposure, not
> "switch gears" into live-preview mode, which is also part of the reason
> the sensors can deliver higher picture quality. So yes, you really do
> want a DSLR, you just don't want expensive lenses and features you're
> never going to care about.
> > Maybe the whole question is put wrong. Basically, I'm boiling it down
> > to wanting:
> > No interchangeable lens hassles (hassle for me anyway)

> You could just put an all-purpose lens on a DSLR and never buy another
> one. Lots of people have been doing that since way back in the film era.
> > Put a camera out there that can perform as well as a DSLR (or almost, if
> > the permanent lens has to be just a *smidge* less quality than the
> > expensive interchangeable ones)

> A wide-range all-purpose zoom lens is going to be a bit lower in quality
> than the more specialized lenses that you can't use all the time. No big
> deal; if that's what you want, my suggestion would be to buy one such
> lens (wide to tele zoom) and stick with it. The extra quality of the
> expensive specialty lenses is useful mainly to pros anyway.
> Seriously. Why not look at a Digital Rebel or a D100 and just one lens?
> No one is going to make fun of you for not having lots of lenses.
> --
> Jeremy | Removed)

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