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new digital camera...G5? or what?

Peter Parlewicz
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You could also look at the new Panasonic DMC-FZ10, it has all you need
and more, like a 12x Optical stabilized zoom.

"Pete Rissler" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:brivto$3rc9j$(E-Mail Removed)
> "mark coomey" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> > I have looked through the internet and have almost decided upon the
> > canon G5. In my mind it almost fits the bill. Here's the features that
> > I'm looking for.
> > at least 4 megapixels
> > A good lens.
> > Manual control as well as automatic controls.
> > Good colour definition.
> > Fast camera speed between photos, and startup.
> > Excellant macro ability.
> > 4x zoom
> > Preferrably rechargeable rather than AA batteries.
> > Slow shutter speed
> > Natural to hold (a lot of camera put me off with their rather unusual
> > shapes and curves. I'd like to have a camera that sits well in the hand
> > and feels like a camera)
> > good auto and low light focus
> > Not too heavy or too large and clunky.
> > Twistable LCD display a bonus.
> > Reputable brand.

> The G3 or G5 will fill your requirements, except for the "Excellent Macro
> Ability". At best these two have mediocre macro capabilities. To increase
> the macro you'll need to add close-up filters. Here's a link using a G5

> some close-up filters.
> As for the "Not too heavy or too large and clunky" that something you'll
> have to determine. The G5 is nowhere near compact, unless you have big
> pockets. It has been described as "boxy".
> The main difference between the two is the G3 is 4MP vs. the G5 5MP.
> Evidently with the 1 MP increase of the G5 you get slightly more "purple
> fringing" and a slight increase in noise. Personally, I downloaded several
> photos from the G3 and G5 off the web and evaluated my shooting conditions
> and needs and bought the G5. I've been very satisfied with my purchase.
> Here's a couple of links to reviews, they both have sample images you can
> download.
> --
> Pete Rissler

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<< From: "gr" Removed)
Date: Mon, Dec 15, 2003 5:06 AM
Message-id: <brk940$49uhh$(E-Mail Removed)>

"mark coomey" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
> I'm after a new digital camera.
> After weeks of scouring the internet for information on models I'm
> interested in..I've 'almost' decided on the G5.

Consider the Olympus C-5050. It's a better camera than the G5 (or G3). 1"
super-macro focusing, pixel mapping, bright lens, metal body, AA battery
tech, etc. It's about the same price as the G5.


But the G3 is HIGHLY recommended and the 5050 is recommended at DPReview.
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"FredBillie" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
> But the G3 is HIGHLY recommended and the 5050 is recommended at DPReview.

Gee, what a surprise, coming from a site with a strong pro-Canon bias.

Look around for other reviews. Taking one person's opinion as gospel is a
sure way to make the wrong decision. Hey, both the G3 and C5050 are great
cameras. IMO, the C5050 has some very useful features and build quality that
makes it a better buy. Dpreview didn't like it as much because
(1) It's not Canon, and
(2) They used a very badly done noise test that was strongly weighted
against the Olympus which uses a much higher default sharpening setting.
This is, of course, fully customizable, and lowering the sharpening level to
something more like the Canon line results in much cleaner images. (Which
you can only tell with a magnifying glass anyway.)

Oh, Olympus later lowered the default sharpening level with the latest
version of firmware. I guess they got tired of people reading dpreview and
not thinking past their nose. It's a shame that dpreview continues to do
those noise and crom. tests without adjusting for differences in internal
sharpening, contrast, and saturation algorithms. I guess since Canon uses
lower sharpening levels and that favors them, dpreview doesn't mind
continuing to publish rubbish. Oh, and they don't even list such key
features as pixel mapping in their feature list. Again, I guess because
Canon doesn't support it.

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I can't speak to any other camera model except the G5. I just recieved mine
the other day and am absolutely delighted with it. No regrets
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John Horner
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> After weeks of scouring the internet for information on models I'm
> interested in..I've 'almost' decided on the G5.

I really do not like the feel of a G5 in hand, and the poor placement of the
viewfinder with respect to the lens barrel is a rookie design mistake one
expects from a $19.99 Chinese point and shoot .... not from Canon.

I purchased the Olympus C-5060 which for me is a much finer instrument to
use than is the G5.


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