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Need some help for some perl homework....

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I have this question for homework in an intro perl class, I was hoping for some quick help on this is the question

Using the Perl programming language, please prepare the following script:

Given a table 'mailer' that has a column:
emailaddr varchar(255)

Create a new table to hold a count of email addresses by their domain name limited to those domains that have at least 100 addresses in the list and add a set of rows on a daily basis

Then report on this table for the last 4 months the top 25 domains showing their counts.

do not use the database for processing only use Perl for this ( ie, group by )
a table is to be generated, not a report. There is no date field provided in the initial mailing table.

there are 5,000,000 "email addresses" and 200,000 domains. Please make the script as efficient as possible with this in mind.
the adding of new rows on a daily basis means going through the mailing table which is also updated daily and updating the count or adding new rows for a domain that now has 100 or more count. The purpose is this to trend analysis of domain growth.

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