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Re: very strange conditional problem

J. Romano
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Kodeguru <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<2SGZb.27067$(E-Mail Removed) et>...
> # this line prints $equip_row->[16] is ((E-Mail Removed))\n
> # which is right
> print "\$equip_row->[16] is ($equip_row->[16])\n";
> if ($equip_row->[16] != undef){ # But then this test fails
> # and this line doesn't print at all
> print "$equip_row->[16] is not undef, so...\n";
> #####------######
> Now if I change the line where the conditional is to
> if ($equip_row->[16] =~ /\S+/) {
> It works. Both debug lines print like they should and the emails get sent.
> Anyone else have any ideas ?

I have an idea, even though I do not know the exact reason why your
code is not working as you'd expect.

My thought is that your Perl interpreter doesn't like comparing a
scalar to undef. Therefore, I suggest that, instead of comparing a
scalar to see if it doesn't equal undef, try seeing if it is defined
by using the "defined" keyword. Try changing the condition:

if ($equip_row->[16] != undef)

to this one:

if (defined($equip_row->[16]))

See if that works.

Happy Perling!

-- Jean-Luc
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