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Filter arry

Freddy Drogt
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I have a logfile and I want to make statistics of it. I have my logfile put
i a array and ech ellement of the array is a virus detection. I want to
create a log in the follow format: month: XXX detectet virus: 999.

How can I solve this in PERL:

Logfile part which is a ellement in a array:

Wed Jan 28 15:22:33 2004
Sender: <jack@xx>
Recipient list: <sandra@yy>
MessageID: 10752997486
Virus: W32/Mydoom@MM
Action: Deleted and Quarantined

My current script to put each virusevent in a ellement of a array:
open (logfile, "c:/temp/log-antivirus/log.log") or die "Fout!...:$!\n";
while (<logfile>)
$string .= $_;
@array = split(/\n{2,}/, $string); # opsplitsen logfile op lege regels
print $array[1]; #print one virusdetection
#print "\n\@array has " . ($#array + 1) . " elements.";

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