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CD-RW drive no longer recognised.

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HRosita wrote:
> Hi,
> Because CD-R/W drives are so inexpensive, after a bad experience like you had I
> would replace the drive. Somehow once a failure like this occurs, especially
> with the open and close, I would no longer trust the hardware with my data.
> Just a personal opinion.
> Rosita

Actually, I'm convinced that it was not the drive that was bad, I think it was
the OS, but I don't know how to prove that.

One thing that I had noticed that was happening with my computer, that I had not
mentioned before was the following.

There is a little red light on the front panel of my (and most other) computer,
that blinks on and off during hard drive activity. Well, during this episode
with my CD-RW drive, the light was not blinking, it just stayed on. Something
was getting stuck during bootup. But all my programs seemed to work just fine,
my D drive (DVD-ROM) was accessible, etc.

After I had installed the setpux.dll file, and rebooted the computer several
times, everything seemed to work just fine, and has until now. So, (as so often
is the case with computers), I don't really know what caused the problem, and I
don't really know how I fixed it, but in the end, everything works again.

The funny thing is, that professionals who work on computers for a living will
tell you the same thing. They often don't know what went wrong, and they often
don't know how they fixed it, but in the end they did, and they present you with
a hefty bill.
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