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Epson printers

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daytripper wrote:
>This is exactly correct, and should be fairly obvious if one watches what the
>print carriage does when printing: every so often the carriage returns to the
>pads to wipe off the face of the print heads. If the pads are saturated with
>an amalgam of dried and fresh ink, it's not hard to figure where the streaks
>are coming from.

The first hint comes by listening to the rhythm of the printer on a big page.
All of a sudden it will stop and clean, then continue. Watch it during that
break in the rhythm.

---Bob Gross---
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JR North
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It's not just Epson. My Lexmark Z 22 has the same problem.
Common to all ink jets I think.
The best thing with ink jets is to have a 'printer test'
icon on the desktop linked to a bold text file for black, or
a paint program file with black text and small magenta, cyan
and yellow bars. Run the print every few days to keep the
head and cartridges flowing. A clogged cartridge can be
cleared by dripping some alcohol on the port until it
absorbs in. Ditto for the head. The main thing is, once you
get the printer working properly, they need fairly frequent
usage to prevent drying out and clogging. On my Lexmark, I
often have to remove the cartridges and clean as described
On Epsons, you may have to run the cleaning utility 10 or
more times to get results. This will run down the ink
counter, and eventually cause the printer to indicate 'out
of ink' when it really isn't. Just initialize the cartridge
change function, remove and re-insert the cartridge.

David French wrote:
> "Richards" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:bodr4k$sco$(E-Mail Removed)...
> > Mike Lawrence wrote:
> > > Hi all,
> > >
> > > I have a Epson Stylus 850 colour printer. For the seconed time with this
> > > make, after 18 months the head has become clogged. The first time on the

> 600
> > > model I was told that it needed a new head. The cost would have been

> nearly
> > > as much as a new printer, so I bought the 850. Now the same thing has
> > > happened to this one. I have run 3 colour cartridges through the

> cleaning
> > > cycle, about 40/50 cycles. To no avail. As it seems I have nothing to

> lose I
> > > have taken the head out. There does not seem to be any access to inside

> of
> > > the head, is there any type of cleaning fluid I could imerse it in for a

> few
> > > hours and see if I can get it to unblock
> > >
> > > Thx,
> > >
> > >

> > I've used isoprophl alcohol (70%) on my 1270 with good results. Try
> > using a syringe (without needle) to inject the alcohol directly into
> > each nipple on the head (remove the ink cartridge first).

> I've had similar problems with 3 Epson printers. Now I'm thinking of buying
> HP or Canon as the Epson ones do seem highly unreliable in this respect.
> I'll try the Isopropyl suggestion, but if not I think I'm ditching the
> brand.
> David

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