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Newbie question - multiple Perl installations

Mike O'Donnell
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For ease of maintenance we wish to install Perl and Perl modules in an NFS
directory. We run HP/Linux/AIX/Solaris versions. I also want to be able
to support several versions of Perl on each platform. To do this I envision
a directory structure something like:

/ / \ \
AIX HP-UX Linux Solaris

Under each OS type I want perl versions, e.g. /perl/Linux/5.6.0,

This way if I need to add a new version or modify an existing version I
don't have to go to all the systems that I have. (I don't want to have to
update over 100 systems)

Has anyone done this? What is required? I know that Perl complains about
things like missing modules, etc. Can someone point me to a doc that
discusses these issues? Some of the packages are binary versions and look
for libraries under /usr/local, how is the right way to over-ride these
settings? Can module libraries be shared in a single location? Any other
issues I need to be aware of?


Mike O'Donnell

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