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Making a remote process visible

Mark Elley
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I am using the following code to start a process on a networked XP
machine. This all works really well but the process created is
invisible to the user (only visible in the Task Manager - Processes
tab). I need this process to be visible. I have searched for the
answers but have come to the conclusion that it is either a)
impossible or b) it is so easy that it is not documented !!!

Usage: perl exe_to_run.exe

use Win32::OLE qw( in );
use Win32::OLE::Variant;

$Machine = "";

$CLASS = "WinMgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!//$Machine";

$WMI = Win32::OLE-> GetObject( $CLASS ) || die "Unable to connect to
$Machine:" . Win32::OLE->lastError();

$PROCESSSTARTUP = $WMI-> Get("Win32_ProcessStartup")->SpawnInstance_;

$PROCESSSTARTUP-> {WinstationDesktop} = "winsta0\\default";

$PROCESSSTARTUP-> {ShowWindow} = 1;

print "$PROCESSSTARTUP-> {WinstationDesktop}\n";

$Process = $WMI-> Get( "Win32_Process" ) || die "Unable to get the
process list:" . Win32::OLE-> LastError();

$vPid = Variant( VT_I4 | VT_BYREF, 0 );

if( 0 == $Process-> Create( join( " ", @ARGV ), undef,
print "Process successfully created with PID $vPid\n";
else {
print "Failed to create process.\n";
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