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Can't do setuid and file permission denied

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Thanks to Ingo for refering me to this group.

I'm a newbie with perl scripts and I'm having
problem running my copied script to my server. Can anybody who is
patient enough to help me with my problem?
I have a which is being executed by a change password web
utility page. This script tries to update a password on my linux
server /etc/shadow with a file permision rw------. my was
set to -rwsr-sr-x ,
with this file permission, I'm getting an error: Can't do setuid,
referer: http://.......
When I set the file permision of the to -rwsr-xr-x , I get
the error: file permision denied by the file /etc/shadow..
When I chmod 777 the /etc/shadow then everything works but I'm sure
its not safe to do that.. I cannot figure out how could I make this
work with the original file permission of the files shadow and unchanged for I knew this was been working before with
another machine with almost a copycat of my server.


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Roy Johnson
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      10-28-2003 Removed) (Chris) wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed). com>...
> Thanks to Ingo for refering me to this group.

Please tell Ingo that the correct group is
since this group is no longer a public group. You can also try

You will get more responses from a public group. I can't answer your
questions, but I'm sure someone can in comp.lang.perl.misc. In the
meantime, it may help for you to take a look at
perldoc perlsec
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