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Re: Net::SNMP - returning huge hex for opaque value

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anyone at all have any ideas on this??? anyone have any experience with

is David M. Town Removed) still maintaining this package??


"dna" <magmalianathotmaildotcom> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hello everyone,
> hopefully i'm not visiting an old issue that's already known, but i'm

> an issue with the Net::SNMP module.
> I have written a script to return the values for the OID:
> . which is a load average for a Solaris box.
> Querying this OID through the command line, snmpget, it will return the
> following:
> UCD-SNMP-MIB::laLoadFloat.1 = Opaque: Float: 1.371094
> and then when querying through my script's usage of the net::snmp, it
> returns:
> DATA: 0x9f78043fdc8000
> which appears to me as a HUGE hex value.
> i MIGHT have traced how this return value is built down to the package:
> Net::SNMP::Message
> with the method: [ sub _prepare_opaque ] which calls [ sub
> _prepare_type_length ] in the same module.
> will these methods prepare the message properly given the type of output
> i've seen from the command line? i'm thinking that maybe there is a small
> bug in how it's parsing the returned value, or maybe i'm completely out in
> left field
> this would be a handy metric to have, so TIA for any help
> Dan

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