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MCPAN problems?

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I've installed perl 5.8.0 on my FreeBSD 4.8. The installation ran
smoothly and without any problems.
After I've tried to upgrade CPAN from shell (cpan> install
Bundle::CPAN) as it was suggested I've stumbled upon Segmentation
fault and core dump.
Now, everytime I try to install something through the CPAN shell, I
get the same error. I can't even reload indexes...
Anyone has a solution to this problem?
[root@new:~]$ perl -MCPAN -e shell

cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.61)
ReadLine support available (try 'install Bundle::CPAN')

cpan> reload index
CPAN: Storable loaded ok
LWP not available
CPAN: Net::FTP loaded ok
Fetching with Net::FTP:
Going to read /root/.cpan/sources/authors/01mailrc.txt.gz
CPAN: Compress::Zlib loaded ok
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
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