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Re: Powerquest Drive Image 7 kills Kodak easyshare

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>I installed Powerquest's Drive Image 7 on my XP pro machine and it =
>killed the ability to download images from my Kodak camera (LS443). =
>Uninstalling Drive Image restores functionality. Does anyone else have =
>this problem, and if so, were you able to get these two programs to =
>co-exist? Drive image 7 is a wonderful program for imaging disks and I =
>would hate to have to ditch it.

Maybe something related to either program is constantly running in the
background that is interfering and not allowing the other to work. I don't have
XP but try and see what could be running in the background and either
permanently disable it ( there may be an option to do that within the
particular program or you may have to elimate it yourself from XPs list of
programs or portions of programs that automatically start up with XP) or
temoorarily disable when using the other program.

As you may know alot of programs today are pretty invasive and install alot of
garbage that is constantly running in the background. Much of that is
unnecessary and only serves to slow things down or cause conflicts that could
interfere with other programs.

As a last resort check the manufacturer's web site for tech support. Good luck. Removed)
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