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Re: Corel Photo-Paint vs/ Adobe Photo Shop

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"Bubba" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> Is there anyone that is familiar enough with both programs, Corel and

> that could give an objective review of why Photo Shop is the preferred
> program for digital photography? Or is it.....?
> Thanks,
> Bubba

I use both, but when it comes to advanced editing of digital shots
(especially when clearing out unwanted elements on some photograph) I tend
to use Photo-paint because of it's exellent bitmap layer system. That is the
main thing that's keeping me still faithful to Corel. Photoshop on the other
hand has better light-levels control, as well as better color manipulation
(they can both do color manipulation, but my personal oppinion is that
photoshop is more user-friendly when it comes to this). Since I do a lot of
desktop-publishing and use my computer as a graphic station for making
high-quality advert newspaper, I also use Photopaint in combination with
Corel Draw. They are compatible when it comes to those bitmap layers and
that's something I really can't live without. I prepare photos, graphic
elements and logos in photopaint and then do the design in Draw by using
import command.

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