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Re: Epson printer, to laminate or not?

Bill Hilton
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>From: nobody nowhere Removed)

>Epson 1280/90, genuine Epson ink and papers. To laminate or not to
>laminate? Informed views please.

Here's some info on a laquer based spray, not *exactly* laminating but maybe it
answers your question?

Conventional wisdom of Henry Wilhelm USED to be that the sprays did little good
and in some cases could do harm by yellowing, but Henry recently put out a
bulletin that he's found a spray that extends print life (of the Epson 9600
anyway) and is safe to use.

Here's some info on it ... (read
footnote 6)

Looks like the tests were for the pigment inks, dunno how they work on the dye
inks of the 1280 but probably worth a shot?

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