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Re: Is it worth it ????

Ron Hunter
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advid wrote:

> ... i've just downloaded some full size 6meg pics taken with the new
> Canon 300d SLR.... I then resampled them all in PS7 to 1600x1200 (2
> meg aprox) - then printed both original and resized using my Canon
> i950 printer at A5 (8x5.5 aprox) [ 2 full size pics to an A4 page ...
> ]
> The quality difference to my eye at normal viewing distance was hardly
> noticeable... Close up with a magnifier YES - slight losses in
> defintion were visible BUT my question - is it worth it ????
> Standard size 6x4 and 7x5 prints will hardly show this difference...
> If 10's of thousands of (non pro / average pic shooters) people are
> going to buy the new Canon will they really see any great improvement
> with their 7x5's.... most will never want an 8x10 let alone A3 A3+....
> I've got an Olympus 2100uz (2meg) and an E10 (4meg) and most times
> looking at a 7x5 print it's hard to tell which took what....
> I'd definately like a Canon 300d - BUT - again my question - IS IT

Only if the aspects like interchangeable lenses, and the other manual
settings are of interest to you. Otherwise, save your money.

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