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mod_perl errors: prototype mismatch ... during global destruction

ian douglas
Posts: n/a
RedHat 7.3, latest patches on everything, cannot be upgraded to newer
releases of RedHat
Apache 1.3.27
modperl 1.26

Apache configuration:

<IfModule mod_perl.c>
PerlModule Apache:BI
PerlRequire /full/path/secure_cgi-bin/
PerlFreshRestart On

Alias /cgi-bin/ /full/path/secure_cgi-bin/
<Directory "/full_path/secure_cgi-bin/">
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache:erlRun
PerlSendHeader On
Options +ExecCGI

I can't seem to pinpoint when exactly this happens, but here's what I
get in the Apache error logs from time to time:

Prototype mismatch: sub
Apache::ROOTwww_2emydomain_2ecom::cgi_2dbin::myscr ipt_2epl::myfunction
vs () at /other/path/ line 1234 during global

Any insight?

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and your message likely won't be received at all.

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