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Improving image quality on laserprinter

Michael Green
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How do I get the best output when printing black and white photo's
on a HP 4V laser printer. (Resolution is set to max (600x600) and
RET is on). Thanks.
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Matti Haveri
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In article <(E-Mail Removed) >, Removed) (Michael Green) wrote:

> How do I get the best output when printing black and white photo's
> on a HP 4V laser printer. (Resolution is set to max (600x600)

You can calculate how many shades of gray you get using this formula:

(dpi/lpi)^2 +1

So with a 600 dpi printer using 53 lpi halftone screen you get only 129
shades of gray.

Setting the printer driver's halftone screen to 37.5 lpi yields 256
shades of gray but the output resolution suffers because the halftone
screen frequency is lower.

I guess a good compromize would be to use 46 lpi which yields 171 shades
of gray.

You can test how the reduced amount of grayscale affects your image with
the posterize-command in your image editing software.

With B&W line-art just print images as 600 ppi.

Matti Haveri <mattiDOThaveriATsjokiDOTutaeiroskaaDOTfi> remove ei roskaa
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