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Chomp not working properly with Sendmail

Aaron Powell
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I am writing a program for a study I am doing where I must contact several
different organisations stored in a database I compiled, but I need to send
each email one at a time so they don't know who else I sent to.

I tested my sendmail and it works well, but I am having a problem with chomp
in the case I am using it. When getting $email, if I do not say $email\n,
nothing will be displayed to the command prompt. This leads me to believe
that sendmail is also receiving nothing in the To field as its displaying no
recipient has been specified, though it also displays that if you put data
in that it doesn't understand, such as $email with a \n.

Finally, it will always send the last record, the last record in the file
works fine, the rest are the ones that are not understandable.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

The code is show bellow.


use SendMail;

my $message = "message"

open (FILENO, "emails.txt");
my @file = <FILENO>;
close (FILENO);

foreach $email (@file){

$sm = new SendMail("mailserver");
chomp $email;
print "$email\n";
# Check if the mail sent successfully or not.
if ($sm->sendMail() != 0) {
print $sm->{'error'}."\n";
print "Done\n";
exit 0;

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