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Re: Sony Mavica MVC-CD500

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In article <0S12b.3069$(E-Mail Removed)>, "Simon"
< _> writes:

>I've just purchased a CD500 and have returned from a Greek break with some
>impressive photos (by my standards in any case! )
>It's a great camera but its main (only?) failing is its limited zoom and I
>would love to be able to add a 2x-3x telephoto lens to make it complete.
>However, my local store has advised me that it's not possible to do this and
>has presented me with an email from Sony as confirmation.
>I find this puzzling since even Ebay seems to be littered with lenses
>purporting to do the job.
>So who is right? The Ebay sellers or Sony? Has anyone extended the zoom on a
>CD500 successfully? And if so, could they offer me any pointers?
>Many thanks


I don't know if the CD500 has threads for a 37mm filter, but I have the Sony
CD200 and a couple of years ago I bought a Tiffen 2X converter which doubles
the "focal length" of the zoom. It works well but you may notice some slight
loss in the quality of the images. If I remember correctly I believe I paid
about $70 (US) for the converter and I don't think that amount of money is
enough to pay for quality focal glass. In using it I also have to adjust the
images to make them lighter because a 2X converter cuts the amount of light
going through the camera lens by half.

If the CD500 does have 37mm threading for a filter I would almost bet that the
email Sony distributed to dealers was issued because Sony didn't make a

I haven't looked, but eBay prices should be lower than what I paid for mine.


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