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Oly 5050 slave flash mode, what's up?

Charlie D
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I've been using my 5050 in slave flash mode.
It works fine by not allowing the on-camera
flash to use pre-flashes, thus allowing standard
slave units to be used.

I do have a question though.
On page 90 of the PDF manual it states:
"This setting is for using a commercially available
slave flash. This lets you adjust and fix the amount
of light emitted by the commercially available slave
Press +/- to select the amount
of light from 1 to 10, then press ok.

How in the world does it do that? The definition
of slave is that the master unit triggers the
external unit. That's all the master is; a trigger.
All exposure done by the slave is regulated by
the slave itself either in auto or manual mode.

Are there some slave units that emit light
only during the time the master unit is

Charlie Dilks
Newark, DE USA
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Neil Gould
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Recently, Charlie D <(E-Mail Removed)> posted:

> Are there some slave units that emit light
> only during the time the master unit is
> emitting?

Yes, but they typically cost more than an Olympus 5050. Visit a larger
camera store's lighting department for examples.


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