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Re: unexpected results

Scott Lander
Posts: n/a
Thanks for your remarks. The one or two useful parts will be retained.

> You have posted to a newsgroup that does not exist.

This news group may not exist, but you answered....So, perhaps, you do not
exist? BUt, I got your response - so, I conclude you do exist, and
therefore my post made it somewhere - so - this group must exist.

> You want to use symbolic references. (Yes that is a basic error
> because you have no overwheling need).

Actually, there may be reasons for the symbolic references. I did not give
much code, just the relevent parts. But, Maybe you are right - why do you
think I don't have a need? Or better yet, what might an overwhelming need
be? Please, educate me!

And, I did figure out my syntax errors. Thanks.

> To avoid pain always put either 'my' or 'our' in front of the variable
> in for/foreach.

Ok - thanks

> You clearly belive that the above syntax will use the value in $env as
> the name of a hash and the use $grpname as a subscript into that hash.
> It will not.

You are right - as I said in original post, it was most liklely a basic
error. Thanks for your help with it.

> If you are going to do anything "in advance" of posting, it should be

Read the FAQ - many times - but, as you probably know, when you are
learning something new to you, the FAQ doesn't always make perfect sense -
sometimes it pays to ask someone where your misunderstanding lies. We can
not all be perfect.

> Please do not start threds here.

Why not start threads here?

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