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I tried some shots with my 5050 on a Stroboframe bracket with a

283/hotshoe slave on top. I got some nice results shooting aperture

priority at f8, setting the on-camera flash to 1 and bouncing the 283

(set in the blue mode).

The whole thing, however, is way too much overkill for the little

5050, particularly if I want to travel with it. I did some looking

today at the Stratos Mini Flash Bracket with a Sunpak Digital Flash on

top. No bounce, but with a GN of 52, I think I can put a diffuser on

it and get pretty decent results.

Anybody had any experience with this type of set up on a digicam? ?

What kind of diffuser would you put on the flash? I'm thinking kind of

a reverse note card rig with a 3x5 piece of roscolux taped at 45

degrees in front of the flash head.

Any recommendations for accessories similar to the Stratos Mini Flash

Bracket or the Sunpak Digital Flash?



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