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Re: PhotoImpact 5.0 Album. Anybody?

Dave Busch
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My followup to this message from Removed) (Michael P
Gabriel) offers little new information:

>I use PhotoImpact 5.0, in which there is an ALBUM . Also, I have all
>my Jpegs on a Compact Flash Card, drive "J". Also, WIN98SE
>Question 1: How can I import ALL my Jpegs at the SAME TIME, from my
>"J" drive to the ALBUM?; I've been doing it one by one! Yikes!
>Question 2:: Doing it one by one is so time consuming, AND...if I
>accidentally skip one, or I take a new picture and put it on my "J"
>drive, , I find no way to go back or add it, to the album, which
>forces me to erase and go back and do it all over again, very slowly!
>Even then, I always manage to find one or two jpegs that just didn't
>get into the album.
>Thanks for any help I can get. Sometimes I feel a little sympathy
>would even help!
>(E-Mail Removed)

I have PhotoImpact Album 3.02, which is what I use regularly, and also
have PhotoImpact Album 8.0. I don't specifically have Version 5.0.
But both 3.02 and 8.0 have a Thumbnail>Insert>Collect Files from
Folder (plus Collect Files from Folder and Subfolders) command that
will grab all the files in a specific location. What are you doing

I've sometimes used this to collect all the files on a Compact Flash
card in my card reader (which also happens to be Drive J on my
computer), and sometimes all the files on the Compact Flash in a
digital camera linked with a USB cable (it becomes Drive H on my
computer.) Then I use Album's Move feature to move the files I want
to my hard disk and delete the rest. I usually only do this when I'm
working with a 256MB or larger CF card and have a zillion files, not
all of which are worth moving.

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