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Film photographer wants to switch to digital

Roger N. Clark
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Michael Meissner wrote:

> Removed) writes:
> > I'm an old-time sports photographer who has been using a Canon F1 for
> > years. I want to switch to a digital, but am not sure where to start.
> > I've seen some of the High end cameras like the Canon EOS 10Ds and the
> > Nikon D2H, but wonder if I need to spend that kind of money for a
> > decent SLR with a fast shutter speed.

> If you are used to the fast shutter speeds of film cameras, almost all cameras
> under the DSLR level (including Olympus E-10/E-20 as DSLRS even though they
> don't have removable lenses) will disappoint you for something like sports.

I don't know what you are talking about. What do you consider
fast? The Canon 10D has a 1/4000 second shutter speed.
The canon F1 only had 1/1000, see:

The F1 was a manual focus camera. It is quite a leap
to modern autofocus, allowing sports photography unlike that
possible with the F1, whether film or digital.

Shutter delay on the Canon 10D is similar in responsivity
as all but the top film cameras, and hugh factors faster
than a manual focus slr. The Canon 1Ds reportedly has the
shortest shutter lag of any camera, film or digital.

The only issue with digital compared to film is frames per second.
The Canon 10D can do 3 frames per second for 9 frames then
1 per second continuous. A fast film slr can do 8 to 9 frames
per second.

Image quality of the 10D will be better than film for ISO speeds
faster than ISO 100, see:

Roger Clark
Photography, digital info at:

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