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Re: Backup battery for Canon NB-2L?
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You could get a separate Li-ion charger for the second battery so that it
can be kept topped up out of the camera, such as Hahnel's MCL Canon type.

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"Robert A. Book" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> I have a Canon S45 that takes the Canon NB-2L Lithium-Ion battery.
> Since there's no battery indicator on the camera (except when it's time
> to change), I got a second battery, and when I can I take a second
> battery charged up with me when shooting.
> Trouble is, these Lithium-Ion batterys don't hold a charge for all that
> long when they're unused (the manual says not to count on more then a
> week or so) and you're also not supposed to keep them on the charger for
> more than 24 hours at a time.
> What I'd like is a battery that I can have always ready for emergencies,
> without having to think too much about it -- in particular, without
> having to recharge the spear every week whether I use it or not, and
> without having an 80-minute wait for a battery to charge if a
> picture-taking opportunity suddenly appears (e.g., the time a tree fell
> on my car and I thought I might need insurance documenation, or e.g.,
> the kids start doing something really cute and I discover the battery
> has gone dead since I haven't taken pictures in a couple of week).
> Does anyone know of a long-lasting rechargeable, or even a
> NON-RECHARGEABLE battery (say, something like a Duracell DL345) that
> might work in place of the NB-2L battery? I'd love to have, say, a
> Duracell with a five-year shelf life to carry around for those times
> when the rechargeables are discharged, and the power outlet or the time
> to wait is not available.
> Thanks,
> --Robert

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